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  • Enterprise name:Jiangsu New Four-state Water Membrane Technology Co., Ltd
  • Contact number:1 (302) 792-1262
  • E-mail:nt-wanmu@163.com
  • Address:501 Silverside Road Ste 98, Wilmington, DE 19809, USA


Company Profile: 
4th Phase Water Technologies LLC incorporated in November 2016 and began its operation in 501 Silverside Road Suite 98, Wilmington, DE, USA in 2017. The Company focuses on commercializing robust and durable, ultrathin carbon nanotube (CNT) sheets. Theses CNT materials are promising candidates for a multitude of applications including battery electrodes, catalyst supports, and filtration membranes. They can also find applications in defense, aerospace, automotive and consumer electronics markets. 
The company’s identity---4th Phase Water Technologies---originates from insights about the role of water interaction with CNT. Being distinctively different from solid, liquid and gas phases of water, water association around individual CNT is uniquely identified as the “4th phase of water”. 

Owner/Management bios
Chunhong Li---Founding partner, President and CEO: Dr. Li has extensive experience in preparing molecules and materials of distinct functions. He developed nanomaterial surface chemistries that work uniquely well for carbon nanotubes. He was the Director of Chemistry at NanoSelect, Inc where he developed carbon nanotube-based sensors for water applications. Prior positions include research and development scientists at Elsicon, Inc. and Endocyte, Inc. and a NIH postdoctoral fellow at the University of Virginia. Dr. Li holds a PhD in organic chemistry (Brigham Young University), a MS in organic chemistry (Beijing Normal University) and BS in chemistry (Beijing Normal University). Dr. Li is the inventor of over 15 patents and patent applications. 
Jingjing Hua --- Founding partner: Ms Hua holds a B.S. degree in business finance and accounting.  A successful entrepreneur, Ms. Hua founded Nantong Yajie Trade Co., Ltd in 2001 focusing on import-export business.  Since 2010, she has been a founding partner and the CFO of Nantong Daxin Shipping Company. 
Wei Peng --- Founding Partner: Ms Peng has a B.S. degree in sales and marketing.  Ms Peng has been a serial entrepreneur since 2004.  She has been the president of Nantong Yajie Goods Shipping Co. Ltd, the vice president of Nantong Daxin Cargo Logistics Co., Ltd, and the president of Nantong Wanmu Furniture Co., Ltd. Ms Peng also has extensive experience in business administration and quality control.

Advisor bios
Ryan L. Marshall---Attorney, IP strategy advisor: Ryan Marshall with Brinks Gilson and Lione has extensive experience advising clients in the chemical arts.  He is a U.S. registered patent attorney practicing for about twenty years and works with start-ups, universities, and small to large companies managing patent filings, international filing strategies, and related legal matters.  He manages his firm’s Salt Lake City office.  He also serves on a board of directors for a charter school which focuses on preparing K-8 students for Entpreneurship.  Mr. Marshall graduated from law school from Brigham Young University with the Order of Barristers and holds a MS in chemistry (Brigham Young University) and a BS in chemistry (Brigham Young University). 
Chuck Holder---Business advisor: Chuck Holder is a lifelong entrepreneur, proficient relationship builder and business activist. Over the years, he has started numerous businesses and engaged in several partnerships in a varying range of service-related industries. He has extensive experience in navigating the processes of various initiatives from concept to creation. 

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